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New Contributor

AGC disable ? (Automatic Gain Control)

I've checked my setup and every time I stay silent, GTT (GoToTraining) starts to increase gain, so in a while my mic takes even my scratching the desk. Is there any way to disable that ?

The audio advanced panel shows AGC, so I can see the gain level. But how can I fix it so sensitivity stays ... reasonable ?


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: AGC disable ? (Automatic Gain Control)

Hi @tronar

I'm afraid the advanced microphone input controls were designed to minimize background noise, and cannot be disabled at this time.  Have you tested different microphones to see if the quality changes?

New Contributor

Re: AGC disable ? (Automatic Gain Control)

Yes, and it helps but does not fix the issue.

The final audio quality that GTT gets is way worse than that you get with other platforms.

It surprised me that there is no AGC disable mech. Many audio setups have their own gain control, and two AGCs in tandem usually don't play well.

Given that vILT is quite demanding and audio is the main link, I was surprised.

New Contributor

Re: AGC disable ? (Automatic Gain Control)

It is not fix yet, but yeah its help me for the bit period of time