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New Contributor

Audio issues on some calls but not all

I have an issue where I cannot hear the audio on some calls.  Here is the strange thing. I'll be on one call and it will work fine. I'll disconnect from that call and the next one might not work at all.  Check the settings and the speakers are set up properly.  The speakers are working in other applications, so I know the audio is good.  Went to the audio mixer and made sure Gotomeeting is turned up. Everything is set up the way it should be to work, but it just doesn't.  I uninstalled GTM and reinstalled and still the same thing.  There simply is no rhyme or reason to when it does or doesn't work. 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Audio issues on some calls but not all

@jordonshaw  Could you please specify the exact model / hardware in use there?


Are there any audio driver updates available through the manufacturer's website?