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Re: Automatic Recording

@BarryW @ebirstler  Although I don't have any new information to share yet, the moment automatic-recording becomes available we will definitely update you here. 

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Re: Automatically record GoToMeetings?

Please update this post to not display as 'solved' given this feature is not yet available. Thanks!

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Please Bring Auto Recording to browser app

Your competitor records by default... I lost a meeting because  your interface requires manual input for every meeting. Please fix this! I have cloud recording on by default.

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Re: Automatically record GoToMeetings?

Hi Feedback Team of GotoMeeting.. 


I created an account in your portal just to give you one simple update that if you think that by not giving automatic cloud recording of meeting feature in GotoMeeting will motivate people to upgrade to GotoWebinar then I am sorry my friend.. you are wrong.. no one will go for GotoWebinar when there attendees count is less than 50 and pay for such a huge amount to your GotoWebinar portal.


Its a basic feature which you should include in your portal of GotoMeeting otherwise people like me would be more than happy to shift to other userfriendly portals like Zoom.


There is a concept called Benchmarking.. please go and read what it is.. If you want to stay in the competitive market.. first learn how to benchmark your offerings with competitors then think about any other USP..


Felt like what you guys have learnt.. no one understand the value of the customers feedback?? I can see customers complaining since 2016... dude.. i bothered to create my account in your portal just to update you that you should learn this if you want to stay in the market and get business.. 


I am telling you 99% customers must have read these threads and laughed on you and must have swithed to some other providers like zoom...


Anyways.. Its your company.. you know what is best.. All the best!


I am happy to switch to Zoom. Bubye!

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