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COVID-19 discount and subscription auto-renewal



Does anyone else have this issue? I do hope that I'm able to describe it clearly, since I'm a little bit disappointed.


Upon lockdown, on 26 March my company decided to add 1 seat to our GotoMeeting plan (we have 2 pro seats) and we were very pleased that it is free for 90 days. At first, the additional seat didn't appear in our Admin Panel, so since we had to act quickly, we added one more seat and then they both appeared. So now we have a total of 4 seats, 2 out of which are free until almost the end of June.


However, then it was not stated clearly on the website that it was the start of an obligatory 15-month subscription period, paid normally. Which means that in July, we will have to pay for a total of 4 seats; our primary subscription ends in August, so I was thinking about just cancelling auto-renewal of the primary subscription and just stay with the additional seats (and OK, pay for 4 subscriptions only for July and August, but then keep only the 2 Covid subscriptions until end of June next year - we would be totally fine with that).


But! In the Billing panel, I can't currently turn off auto-renewal for any of my subscriptions - the field doesn't respond. Anyone help?


I'm enclosing a screen from our billing panel.

Adnotacja 2020-04-09 150226.jpg

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Re: COVID-19 discount and subscription auto-renewal

@textem  I think what you're asking makes sense.  The process however, for changing an offline contract is more complex than online subscriptions:  


The short answer is that you'll want to call into Account Services with this type of agreement:  

1-888-259-8414 (US)
001-800-574-4234 (Mexico)
00-800-5744-2340 (U.S. and Canada, toll free)

00-800-5744-2340 (European customers)
0011-800-3375-8675 (Australian customers, TELSTRA only)

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