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Re: Cannot use any bluetooth audio devices with G2M

Hi Kevin,

Have you tried resetting the BeatsX headset before you connect to your next GoToMeeting?



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Re: Cannot use any bluetooth audio devices with G2M

Thanks, Ash.


I just reset, but haven't seen success.


Still hearing audio, but unable to use the microphone, even though G2M recognize that is my preferred connection.



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Re: Cannot use any bluetooth audio devices with G2M

I am having the same issue.  I'm using Beats Solo 3 Wireless bluetooth headphones on a Dell laptop running Windows 7.  When I connect to a GoToMeeting, the software recognizes the headphones and allows me to select them, but I hear no audio, even during an audio test (and all the green bars indicating that sound is playing are lit up).  I've tried adjusting the levels as previously described, but it has no effect (and only seems to adjust the volume).


The headphones work great in all other applications on Windows, just not GoToMeeting.  In fact, when GoToMeeting is running, it completely blocks all other sound from playing on my headphones, e.g. Pandora playing in a web browser, Windows Media Player, VLC, any Windows system sounds, etc.  As soon as I close the GoToMeeting program, my audio comes back.

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Re: Cannot use any bluetooth audio devices with G2M

Same here. Exactly the same problem as described in the previous message. I can hear the audio and use the microphone from the laptop, but when I switch to the microphone from the headsets the audio suddenly stops, even for other applications. I've try changing the volume, resetting the headsets connection and so on, but none of these fixed the issue.


I'm using MPOW 059 bluetooth headset, but I guess that the brand/model is not relevant at all. As previous comments, this is working correctly with other applications such as Skype.


Please, could someone from the development team confirm if they have been able of reproducing this issue? In that case, if they have this bug identified, are there any plan to fix it in a short term?


Thank you very much in advance.

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Re: Cannot use any bluetooth audio devices with G2M



After a very lengthy call (almost two hours!!) to LogMeIn tech support, I finally got a solution to the problem.  Interestingly enough, the solution in my case was to update my audio drivers.  This issue was occurring on my work-issued Dell laptop, and visiting the Dell support site revealed that a new (as of last month) audio driver was available.  After installing the new driver and rebooting the computer, I was able to not only get audio using my bluetooth headphones in G2M, but audio from other processes in Windows was also no longer blocked!


I'm not saying 100% that this will be your solution, but it worked in my case.  Let us know if a driver update fixes your issue.

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Re: Cannot use any bluetooth audio devices with G2M



Thank you very much for your contribution! Indeed, I also have a Dell laptop at work, so I've search for the drivers but in my case (Latitude E5540) looks like the last version of the audio driver is from 2015:


I've been looking for other non-official sources, for an updated version of these drivers, but can't found it. Which is the brand/model of your audio device? In my case is a Realtek HD. Not sure if it could be compatible...


Thanks again!

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Re: Cannot use any bluetooth audio devices with G2M


Funny you mention that you have a Dell Latitude, because that's the kind of laptop I'm using as well!  I have a different model number though - it's a Latitude E7450, but it also has Realtek HD audio.

See the driver list for my model and note that the latest audio driver update is 05 Dec 2017:

The interesting thing to note is in the description for the driver there.
"This package provides the driver for Realtek ALC32xx series High Definition Audio Codec and is supported on Precision, Latitude, OptiPlex running the following Windows operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10"

It says it works for Realtek ALC32xx series, on Latitude laptops, and Windows 7, which all matches what you have (according to your link to the E5540 drivers page, your laptop has a "Realtek ALC3226 HD Audio Codec").  There is a good chance the drivers for my model will work fine on your laptop, and solve the issue for you.  If the drivers cause problems, you can always uninstall them and reinstall the old ones.

Otherwise, you could try downloading new drivers directly from Realtek here.  Let us know what you try and how it works for you!

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Re: Cannot use any bluetooth audio devices with G2M

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Re: Cannot use any bluetooth audio devices with G2M



Thanks a lot, it's fixed now! Indeed, it was also related with the audio drivers, and your version (even for a different laptop model) has worked for me as well.


Only difference is quality changes as it sounds like being inside a cave with bluetooth mic activated, but I suppose that it's related with headphone having speakers and mic integrated on it.


At least your 2h. length phone conversation was useful for you and also for me, and everyone else with the same problem that could read this forum message in the future... Smiley Happy


Thanks again!

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Cannot use BeatsX with G2M

I also (try to) use BeatsX as headset for G2M : For Audio, I use "Computer audio", and have the "Headset (BeatsX Hands-Free)" selected as Mic, and the "Headphones (BeatsX-Philippe Stereo)" selected as speaker.


The BeatsX and my Win10 laptop seem to pair : I can use the BeatsX-mic and the BeatsX-ear-speakers to enjoy music or movies (as long as G2M is not running).


When I launch G2M, the mic continues to work, but the ear-speakers remain completely silent, both in G2M and the G2M-sound check , but surprisingly also for other applications such as YouTube (when G2M is closed, the other application and BeatsX resume working together normally).


I therefore suspect that G2M somehow impacts the (connection or status or ... of the) BeatsX-ear-speakers .


I bought the BeatsX especially to use for G2M when I'm on the move, so I would very much appreciate any help.