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Charged 2x for our GTM Subscription

We just received the Statement of Account of the Credit Card we used upon purchasing the GoToMeeting license. We were charged twice. How did this happen and how can we correct this?
Filed request for assistance through the Corporate Account Services the other day and haven't received any response nor was contacted by Support.
We need help identifying which of the two charges is valid as we need to dispute the other one with our credit card officer.
We need immediate help on this to avoid penalties.
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Re: Charged 2x for our GTM Subscription

@Emerging_Power I apologize for the double billing there.


Unfortunately this Community cannot manage billing concerns directly.  You will want to call Customer Support directly in order to file a ticket for investigation.  If you only have one account, then certainly two bills on the same day would not be our intention.


You can find local dial in phone numbers for customer support here:

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Re: Charged 2x for our GTM Subscription

Hi AshC,

Thanks for your response. Apologies for the delayed acknowledgment as there’s a typhoon here since yesterday.
I recalled that we tried purchasing the license through the online facility and received a notification that it was a success. Yet, when we tried logging into the account, the status was that our account was an expired trial version. We logged out and waited for an hour for the changes to propagate but the status was still the same.
We were contacted by Mr. Nick Finnigan who helped us purchase the plan we need by sending us a form. The purchase was completed and we even receive the invoice and contract.
We requested his assistance to check the previous transaction we made and he said that it was an expired trial version indeed.
But unfortunately, we were still charged for the said purchase.
I am not allowed to call them as it will be another cost for us and we are under a controlled budget
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Re: Charged 2x for our GTM Subscription

Hi @Emerging_Power 


I have searched our system for accounts with your company email domain and have only located expired free trial accounts, and your current paid corporate account. If your credit card was billed for a second plan, it must be for an account under a different email address. I can ask our Support to call you and assist in locating this account if you provide me with your phone number, just click on my name you will see an option to message me directly.



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Re: Charged 2x for our GTM Subscription

Hi GlennD,


An Account Service Specialist emailed me about the details of our account as well. Same with the results of your search.

He stated that there's only 1 charge of $348 for a corporate account under Emerging Power Inc.
However, he was also able to trace another charge of $348 on “eCommerce” under using Jasmin Agbon’s account (our credit card account used to pay for the corporate license). This was actually our first attempt to purchase the GTM license but encountered error upon submitting the form. 
Before we signed up for the corporate GTM account, we requested assistance from Nick Finnigan to check if the previous purchase under account was NOT successful to ensure that we were NOT purchasing a second license. Nick confirmed that the was a trial version only. Upon receiving the said confirmarion from Nick, we then purchased the corporate license through him.

The was a free trial and there are no charges. The account that was billed is (missing the g in emerging). This was created in error, therefore, we need to request for it to be cancelled.




Will send you my contact number. 


Hoping for your consideration and utmost support on this.