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Larry Eberle
New Contributor

Connecting an External Camera

how can I connect an external video camera instead of a webcam? I don't need HD or anything, I just want the controls of a tripod etc. Can I convert any of my video out signals (HDMI, BNC,AV) to the usb input expected by the program?

Thanks, Larry Eberle
GoTo Manager

That's great Larry, would you mind posting the model for anyone else interested in doing this?
Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Larry Eberle
New Contributor

It's the SABRENT USB-AVCPT. You can find it under Converters on their site.
Jose Antonio1
New Contributor

Larry, the adapter allow you to send digital video+audio in real time?
Larry Eberle
New Contributor

It simply takes the AV out from any camera (not HD signal) and plugs in as a USB 2.0. The computer thinks it's a webcam. Nothing tricky to it. It's $27.00. Give it a try.
Josh Tuyl
New Contributor

Thanks - will definitely get a couple because that's help us in most situations, but we still need something with a higher quality.
Rick Stevens
New Contributor

Sure their is a benefit. A better lens will let in more light and have better focus. 
Auriga Martin
New Contributor

Is there a plugin that will allow GoTo Meeting participants to gain control over this camera in a meeting?

We far prefer GoTo to any other video conferencing tool and would rather not have to start using MS Lync...

I hope someone replies to this channel.
New Contributor

We bought blackmagic intensity shuttle usb 3.0, to change the hdmi mini output into usb 3.0 and I only get a black screen instead of a clear picture (in the GTW software). Does anybody know how to fix this? 
Master Sha Vanc
New Contributor

Hi Glen, do you have any other suggestion to get GoToMeeting to use our external video camera? Using Panasonic AG-AC90 video camera connected by a HDMI cable to a desk top computer with a AverMedia HD capture card. thank you
adam hale
New Contributor

Sounds like frame rate issue 720p vs 1080i etc