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Active Contributor

Re: Change language of invitation

So we received the information from the technical support that this function is since the update not available anymore. So also a work around is not working anymore like before. Doesnt know why it was decided to do this but we try to find a way around this.


But anyways I would like to ask a forum mod here to transfer this whole thread directly into a feature request for an upcoming release. And also great would be if there is an information about the status of such feature requests.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Change language of invitation

@Fl0rian  I have tested this workaround in several languages today,

  1. Open the GoToMeeting control panel (host the scheduled session).
  2. Change the Language through theGoToMeeting drop-down menu. 
  3. Click Invite on the Attendee pane.
  4. Click Email on the pop-up.

I realize it isn't the full feature yet, but it should help in your situation.

Active Contributor

Re: Change language of invitation

@AshCThank you for the input. This is a work around but in a way not practical at all. I know the intention here is to find a proper work around and I appreciate that. But this is not a way I can forward my user to do everytime. There I think the better way is to change the display language from Outlook to Englisch to have it more conveniant for the user.