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Difficulty starting meetings

So - I am on the phone with a customer - I wish to start an online meeting with them.

1.  I open my gotomeeting app on my desktop, start a meeting.

2. Tell the customer to open Chrome or Edge and go to and then type in the meeting ID I give them.


Then the customer (even though they are using a supported browser) is prompted to download the app.  Not sure why since they are using a supported browser. and I was hoping they would not have to download.  Then even worse, when the app downloads and opens it has them starting their own meeting instead of mine! 


So I tell them to close the app and try joining from the browser screen again.  And once again they are prompted to download the app, even though they just did!!!


This is ridiculous, it is getting hard to justify not getting a teams account when it is this hard for my customers to join me in a meeting online.


Does anyone have a good way to engage others that are not gotomeeting customers already into a gotomeeting session?


Is there a way for the users to have an option of running Gotomeeting in a compatible browser rather than dowloading the app, just like I can with MS Teams?  I would oprefer my customers just ran in their browser and it was easy and convenient for them.


In the above instance I gave up and the customer initiated a Teams session, which I easily joined in my browser without downloading the MS Teams bloatware.


Any ideas?



GoTo Moderator

Re: Difficulty starting meetings

@Jebross613  The current default behavior is to push the desktop app to all attendees for the best experience, though if downloads are blocked or the system is not supported then attendees will be brought to the web app in-browser instead.  


Entering a Meeting ID manually at the website or through the app itself should never ask a user to sign in and start their own meeting.  If this is happening, we'd want to investigate the individual to see which steps they are taking, in what environments.  


If you'd like to force all Attendees to use the web app instead of the desktop, you may follow the instructions on this support article: 


In the near future we'll be offering each attendee the option to choose between the desktop experience and the web app, with that choice being remembered in the browser for the next meeting. 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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