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Email chat logs at meeting end (GoToMeeting)

Hi all


When GoToMeeting meetings end, it'd be great if the chat log could be emailed to participants. We could then use the chat log as a form of minutes, everyone pitches in to help.


Right now it's ephmeral and just vanishes unless the meeting owner takes specific steps to save it. Attendees can't see it after the meeting. Especially on mobile.

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Re: Email chat logs at meeting end (GoToMeeting)

@ringerc2ndq  While GoToMeeting does not plan to offer email services like those available with GoToWebinar and GoToTraining, there is a new service you may be interested in, with regards to 'meeting minutes' you mentioned:  Meeting Transcripts


Check it out ans let us know if it meets some of your needs!

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Re: Email chat logs at meeting end (GoToMeeting)

That's a cool feature, but will it also include the transcript of any text chat discussion like pasted links?


And what happens if the meeting host exits? Is the transcript lost forever?


If it's persistent in some way, and includes text chat discussion, it'd be perfect (if excess to my needs)

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Re: Email chat logs at meeting end (GoToMeeting)

@ringerc2ndq  Depending on your operating system, the directions vary slightly with regards to saving Chat Logs onto your computer: 

  • Windows can set in the Preferences, where to automatically save logs;
  • Mac Organizers must save the Chat Log before ending the GoToMeeting

If you end the GoToMeeting, then the recording should finalize on it's own, online.