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Jane Snyder
New Contributor

Go To Meeting scheduler designates?

We are in a Go To Meeting trial for our sales team. Is there a way for the sales execs to designate the group executive assistant to set-up meetings in their GTM account?

Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Go To Meeting scheduler designates?

Hi Jane, the group's executive assistant can schedule meetings using their own account and invite others, however, the assistant would also need to make the sales execs co-organizers for the scheduled meetings; this way, the assistant will not need to be present to start the meetings.

VIA Group
New Contributor

Organizer(s) and licenses

I am currently looking at GoToMeeting for my company's web conferencing needs. I've been trying to search for a clear answer, but couldn't find one regarding organizers and co-organizers.  

The use scenario: 
An administrative assistant needs to set-up a webmeeting between a consultant and a customer.  
They need to organize & schedule the meeting, after which attending/running the meeting is in the hands of the consultant.  

The question:  
Can the assistant create these meetings as the organizer, but pass on the meeting to the consultant in the co-organizer role? Meaning that we only need 1 organizer license?
Or does each individual consultant need their own organizer license to run these meetings with the client?

Thanks in advance.
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Organizer(s) and licenses

Hi there,
Yes, it is possible to hand off meetings to a GoToMeeting Co-Organizer while in session, however the scheduling person needs to start each meeting with the account credentials, in the case where a single user subscription is being utilized.

When exiting the GoToMeeting, be certain not to 'End' the session -- which is one of two options to departing Organizers.

New Contributor

[Feature Request] User type/role just for scheduling


As my company keeps buying more seats for our presenters, the sales coordinators still have to burn time getting the user-specific links in to calendar invites. Right now, the calendar invite has to be created, shared with and updated by the host/presenter and then finally get the lead/client/guests invited to it. If I get a presenter seat for these staff members they're never going to present and the actual presenters have to join the session and have presenter passed to them.



We would love to see a new role/seat option (at a reduced price) for staff who just need to schedule sessions that others with full presenter seats will execute. 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: [Feature Request] User type/role just for scheduling

Hi @DocBennett ,

This is a relatively popular request, and I think it's a good idea for future GoToMeeting enhancements.


**Currently you can schedule for other Organizers in your account (while still hosting your own meetings), but there isn't a 'discounted' role simply for GoToMeeting assistants.