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New Contributor

GoToMeeting Audio Issues

GoToMeeting seems to have a bug. In the audio settings (Figure 1) and in the sound check dialog (Figure 2), my headset microphone is set and—according to the green bars—is working. However, in the actual GoToMeeting call (Figure 3), it says "Audio Not Connected."


I've tried unplugged the headset and plugging it back in, and not only does it take 60+ seconds for the "New Hardware Detected" dialog to pop-up, but it then takes an additional 60+ seconds for the audio to begin working in the speaker of the headset. Sometimes the audio (both speaker and microphone) work without any issue. Other times, this stuff happens.


I've made sure all of my drivers and software updates are updated as well.


System Specs:
Lenovo P72
Intel Core i7-8850H @ 2.6GHz
Windows 10 Enterprise (1903)
Plantronics C310-M (USB headset)


mic-works-in-audio-settings.pngFigure 1mic-works-in-sound-check.pngFigure 2mic-does-not-work-in-gotomeeting-call.pngFigure 3


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: GoToMeeting Audio Issues

Hi @mkimitch ,

If you are a GoTo Organizer yourself, could you please confirm the software version currently installed on your Lenovo?


New Contributor

Re: GoToMeeting Audio Issues

I don't think I'm a GoTo Organizer, but the version I'm using is 8.41.0 Build 12127.


I'm experiencing this same issue with another headset (same kind) as well as my laptop's built-in microphone. I even updated the firmware in both headsets and still am experiencing this issue.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: GoToMeeting Audio Issues

OK, that software build should actually be expired by now. Can you join this test meeting and see if your headset connects naturally?




New Contributor

Re: GoToMeeting Audio Issues

I reinstalled GoToMeeting, it's now on version 8.46.1 Build 14107, and I did not experience the aforementioned issue during my meeting this morning. So, it appears to be fixed.


I am wondering, however, shouldn't GoToMeeting update automatically or at least notify me when an update is available?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: GoToMeeting Audio Issues

@mkimitch Automatic updates can be disabled in the software preferences, however we would eventually push the update out to everyone as they host new meetings.  The timeline for regular updates is usually around once per month.