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GoToMeeting crashes Mac while VMware runs


I've been running GoTo on Mac that also runs VMware Fusion (running Win64 instance in VMware) reliably for several years. With a recent GoToMeeting update, some softwware bug was introduces that completely crashes the Mac (verified on Mojave 14.5, 14.6 which has been an extremely stable OS X version). It's happened right when GoTo starts, as well as soon thereafter-randomly. I also successfully ran GoTo within Windows on VMware (vs. running on Mac), but then that completely crashed the Mac as well the next day (i.e., black screen of death, nothing responds, have to reboot). This way of completely crashing OS X Mojave from within a VM as well as outside the VM sounds hard to do if someone tried to do so, but latest (or near latest version, running 8.46 GoTo) is doing just that.


I contacted GoTo Phone support and they were not helpful  (broken English communication challenges, no possibility for escalation of issue, no option to obtain prior version of GoToMeeting). My mistake in trusting GoTo with automatic updates--I turned this feature off. I used to do manual updates and have prior versions on my Mac "just in case" but in one of my computer replacements and re-install of GoTo, the default auto-update was enabled. Another lesson learned!


Does anyone know where prior versions of GoTo for Mac can be obtained... Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


Main takeaway for future reference:

1. Turn  GoTo's auto software updates since, according to their support staff, these are not available from  GoTo support.


Suggestion for GoTo -LogMeIn support:

Unless I was provided misinformation by your support, I'd highly recommend having a location available with prior software versions for customers. Thank you!

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Re: GoToMeeting crashes Mac while VMware runs

@PJ4  I'm sorry to hear about this poor experience with your Macintosh machine.


While we sometimes roll back new versions that experience unexpected results across many users, we do our best to retire older software versions within a few months of release.  If you'd like to private message me with your GoTo login email, I may be able to set you back a build for the time being until we look further into your existing case. 


I'm not aware of any other reports of GoToMeeting overloading Mac processes etc, and will keep tabs on this thread for any similar experiences.

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Re: GoToMeeting crashes Mac while VMware runs

Thanks. I found an earlier GoTo app on another Mac version 8.44.2 I believe, released 5-19-19, and was able to test for an hour meeting with VMware running w/o issue. I was unsung VMware 11 (no updates in past several months). I’ll continue with this GoTo version and turned off auto-updates. To test issue, I’d recommend running VMware 11.x with latest GoTo on Mojave 14.4 or later (ie, replicating environment for which issue occurred). Just curious if you attempted that. Recommend you have prior versions readily available (eg, like Adobe does with PS etc). Thanks again for the quick reply.
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Re: GoToMeeting crashes Mac while VMware runs

OK, we will most likely require log files from an affected machine, when you have about 20-30 minutes to document the environment with Customer Care.  Technically if you are inside the VMWare, GoToMeeting wasn't designed for that environment, but it should not conflict with VMWare running on the side.