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New Contributor

How about having the iOS app use the iPhone / iPad controls for muting?

It would be nice to have the app use the iPod controls to be able to mute and leave a meeting. That way you don't have to keep the phone unlocked (if you are doing just audio), or if you are using an earpiece with the remote.

* Double tap (normally to skip a song) could be used to mute your mic.
* Single tap (normally to end a call or pause/play song) to leave a meeting.
* Triple tap (normally to go back a song) could be used for something else.

Active Contributor

Re: How about having the iPhone app use the iPod controls for muting?

Thank you for your suggestion Brian. We absolutely agree and have looked into this in the past. However, Apple does not yet allow our type of app to use the control center shortcuts. We are optimistic they will change this in the future (with luck, it may happen in iOS 8, but it isn't on the official list of new features).