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New Contributor

Install for all users

Hi, I am trying to install the multi version msi on a terminal server and to be made available for all users. I am installing through command prompt with the added G2MINSTALLFORALLUSERS=1 switch. However, it doesn't appear to be working. Is it supposed to create any shortcuts anywhere? I see some files added to my profile but nothing anywhere else. I need to this to be available to anyone who logs on to this server if possible. Thanks. 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Install for all users

Hi there,

While you can install GoToMeeting in several ways, try to follow this MSI guide depending on the scenario:


And you may also need this, depending on user privileges:

New Contributor

Re: Install for all users

Hi, thanks for responding. I've installed that multi user launcher. Also, I've been looking at that guide and I'm just adding that install for all users switch. Something different I need to be doing? Thanks. 

New Contributor

Re: Install for all users

Any other suggestions? Thanks.