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Is GoTo dropping Outlook integration for IMAP/POP and Google Workplace?


Support has told me that the integration with Outlook is being discontinued for anything else other than exchange.

We use Google Workplace and many of our users use the MS Office 365 tools, including Outlook, which is arguably one of the best email clients.

Not only have we not been notified of this policy change but I have been advised that GoToMeeting program will no longer be support after after July 31, 2022 for Outlook and there is no plan to support Outlook after this for users that use something other than exchange and the it is not possible technically to still obtain this integration.

Not only were we not notified of this major change in policy for which we pay a yearly maintenance, but GoTo is leaving it up to our users to find out that one day their integration will not work without notice.

I find this very surprising and makes me wonder if GoTo is a company that we can depend on for a critical part of our business.

Has anyone else found out the same?

I called sales and they are still saying the the Outlook integration with GoToMeeting and Google Workspace is still supported.

The right hand does not talk to the left, or just really poor business practices?


Has anyone else experienced the same?


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Re: Is GoTo dropping Outlook integration for IMAP/POP and Google Workplace?

I don't see how that will help either Outlook (installed version on a PC) or on a MAC.  Outlook integration with GoToApp is not supported with Outlook interfacing with Apple mail/POP/IMAP or to Google via GWSMO as the new GoTo App plugin for Outlook will disappear when the Outlook application switches connection from MS Exchange connection to Apple mail/Pop/IMAP/GWSAMO.  Not only that but  when the the GoToMeeting Outlook integration is installed if you join/launch a meeting from the Outlook calendar it will use the old GoToMeeting application client to run/manage the meeting even if the GoTo App client is installed.

The only way around this that I can see is to start the meeting either from the Web browser google calendar or from the GoTo App directly.