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New Contributor

Meeting with two people in the same room


I'm doing meetings with several people.  However, two of us share the same office.  We both have to seat at our desks with our headsets on, because of the work we do and the topics involved.  I can't just be sitting at my collegue's desk with a speaker phone, sharing the same desk space...   This is even worse now with covid and 2meter separation.


What this causes is that I hear the other person talking the room, and the sound in my headset comes 1/4 second later.  This is extremely inconvenient and tiring.


I need a way to mute an attendee ONLY for me.   I have looked at other software and what I'm asking for does not seem to exist.  I am surprised no one has this issue ?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Meeting with two people in the same room

@beginetienne  Sorry, the only thing I can suggest in your case is to mute GoToMeeting through your local audio mixer when your colleague is presenting, then un-mute again when finished.