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Mouse response when screen share


I’m having problems when hosting GoToMeeting. The moment I screen share, my mouse responds really slowly, and when trying to move across the screen - it’s difficult to move to the right place. There is also a small black box that follows next to it.

For example - when trying to move the mouse to a cell on excel, it’s really slow and keeps wanting to pull backwards. The moment I turn screen share odd - the mouse returns to normal.

Now while this is happening, the participants don’t notice I’m having an issue. To them the mouse looks to be moving normally.

I’m running GoToMeeting on a Remote Desktop connection to my work virtual machine. My home broadband is 40 download and about 8 upload

Welcome any advice/support
Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: Mouse response when screen share

@stevenallott  Sorry, that does sound frustrating.  I suspect an issue with your virtual environment, which can vary in setup quite differently.  Although this connection type isn't supported due to its unpredictability, I might suggest seeing if there are any other mouse input options that do not mirror your local mouse movements.

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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