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Need a Saskatchewan Time Zone

There is no Saskatchewan Time zone setting for GotoMeeting.  Saskatchewan observes Central Standard Time year round and clocks are not adjusted during Daylight Saving Time.  

Since we do not observe daylight saving time, we are currently an hour behind CST and I was instructed to change my time clock on my computer from Sask Time to Mountain Time, which is not ideal, as this also affects other applications and requires manual adjustments to my computer clock twice a year.  I

Almost all software applications I've dealt in offer a Saskatchewan time zone. 
New Contributor

Re: Need a Saskatchewan Time Zone

This would be a very helpful feature indeed! has a Saskatchewan time zone option - so I wonder why the app itself doesn't have it as an option?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Need a Saskatchewan Time Zone

Sorry about that!


Does Saskatchewan time change differently than US Central time zones?  (also GMT +6)

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Re: Need a Saskatchewan Time Zone



Saskatchewan is GMT-6 and does not observe daylight savings time at any time of the year. 


"...many computer programs and major operating systems offer a distinct "Saskatchewan" option when listing time zone options that automatically disables DST.


More information about the Saskatchewan time zone is here:  

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Re: Need a Saskatchewan Time Zone

Even offering an option to not use daylight savings would work..  this is deffinately the first system I've seen that didn't offer either option.


I've done the same, changing to Mountain time, but I can see this become a problem in the future.. and also does it affect meetings that are already made in Central Time (my guess would be that it does).