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New GTM Client Sticks Meta Keys Easily and Frequently

I tried the new GTM client. I frequently use the remote control feature of GTM while in a meeting. I find the new client (not quite but almost) deadly for this kind of activity. If you type at a normal pace and use meta keys (shift, control, command, alt) combined with another key, the new client very frequently "sticks" the meta key. 


For example, I now find that if I remote control a session and highlight text and quickly press [ctrl]+[c] then click in another area and [ctrl] + [v] then click somewhere else and start typing, at least half the time, GTM has failed to "release" the [ctrl] key. This gets even worse if you are doing several meta keys in a short period of time. For example, if I highlight some text, press [ctrl] +[c] then type some text (replacing the highlighted text) then [ctrl] + [v], the [ctrl] is not "released" and the text I typed is done as if te [ctrl] key is being held down.


If you are like me and prefer to use the keyboard heavily, the new client blows. To "fix" this, I often find I must cycle through each meta key to press then release to figure out which one is "stuck". 


Thank god you can revert back to the old client which does not suffer from this dysfunctional behavior.

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Re: New GTM Client Sticks Meta Keys Easily and Frequently

Hi Ossie,

Does this happen when you are screen sharing with any attendee and operating system?


How fast are you going between commands when you remotely control a presenter's keyboard?

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Re: New GTM Client Sticks Meta Keys Easily and Frequently

In my scenarios, the guest I am remotely controlling is/was running various flavors of Windows and Windows Server.  As far as how fast, it can be even within the same text field. For example, if typing a password in a password field that contains a mixture of upper and lower case letters and punctuations, even the "shift" meta key will get stuck as I am typing the password. I am a decently fast typer (about 65 WPM) so somewhat "rapid" transitions from upper and lower case and I am a person who is very efficient with using the keyboard to switch between windows, close and move windows, invoke menu items, etc. With the classic client, I only very rarely had this problem of a stuck meta key. Even then, when it did happen, it was an oddity and was more related to a poor internet connection with high latency.