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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Pause Sharing bar in new UI

Hi @TVCU ,

Your next GoToMeeting upgrade should include the ability to move those controls around the screen as needed.  Thanks for your patience while we roll this out to all customers.

New Contributor

Re: I hate this new user interface

I am fully aligned with the comments in this thread. The new interface looks pretty, but loses critical functionality. A simple control panel in the old interface allowed the host to access all buttons in one visible place. Now, under the new interface, functions such as pause/play on app sharing are completely gone. Buttons that allow participants to take control of the mouse or become presenter are now buried. And we are going to be forced to take this new interface in a week. This is a dealbreaker and other solutions are being investigated. You may be losing another customer over what seemingly is an easy fix - just let us keep the old interface, if we choose. 

New Contributor

Re: I hate this new user interface

Can I hust add that the new UI is  posibly the worst upgrade since Coke changed its formula.

It  simply takes up far too much screen space for no actual good reason.

Please take you UI designers 4k screens away and make thn use this on the sort of screens your users do. I am on 1900x1200.

Bear in mind many of us are multi tasking, so we need to read emails or edit documents  while in a conference call.

Screen pixels are gold dust.