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Report for meeting services used?



When I go into my admin console I am able to go to manage users and click on a users name and then look at that users individual meetings. When I'm looking at those meetings there is a button that says meeting diagnostics that will let me see what services the meeting used. My question is, is there a report that will let me sort all meetings based on what services they used? I need to know which meetings are using screenshare or webcam instead of just voice and I don't want to go through each individual meeting of each individual user. Any help is appreciated.


Thank you,

Jared Keyes

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Re: Report for meeting services used?

Hi Jared, 

I'm afraid the compiled reports don't have the ability yet to gather joined analytics for an Organizer or group.  We can leave this thread up for future enhancement consideration. 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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