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Silent install for Chromacam?

I would like to deploy Chromacam to my users with a deployment tool, since it requires admin permissions. But there do not appear to be any silent install options for the executable. Any flags we can use to install this without user intervention?


Alternately, is there an .MSI version of the installer we can get? I checked with the makers of Chromacam, and they said they had an .MSI but it would not work with the GoToMeeting license. 

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Re: Silent install for Chromacam?

Looking for the same...
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Re: Silent install for Chromacam?

I'm afraid we do not have an executable lined up for silent Chromacam installs, though you could create one using a free app yourself.  Some users have reported that MSI Wrapper was used successfully for this purpose.

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Re: Silent install for Chromacam?

We looking for a solution and need msi or silent install parameter for our softwaredeployment. have you some hints? thanks very much... regards ROBudus