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Some questions and suggestions for the Windows app

Hi, I have attached a redacted screenshot with some questions:


1) I have a zombie meeting that I cannot delete. Its meeting ID is shown. This does not show on the website.

2) The subject of most of my meetings are cut off with "..." but I cannot expand the window. It would be nice if the window was expandable and would remember the last size so there is no horizontal scrollbar, or, if I resize the columns, it would remember that. Right now I have to resize the columns every time.

3) Would love a way to copy a meeting link from this window. If I hit "Invite" it starts a whole new email.


Also, I used to have MIcrosoft Outlook as my email tool, but have switched to Web based email. The Invite always tries to open Outlook and I don't know how to fix that. 


So I end up starting the meeting and then using the (very tiny!) copy buttons on the lower-right of the widget, to get the invitation details. 


Thank you!!




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