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Sound corruption when using a bluetooth headset

Hey everyone,


I bought a Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless headset and it works fine everywhere (videos, games, MS Teams, Teamspeak, Discord)...except for GoTo Meeting which is why I am here to ask you for help.


I join the meeting and there's only static noise when others talk and they hear static noise from me. Also, every other sound played on the computer is static noise then (browser, music, etc...). It is as if GTM corrupts my headset. As soon as I unplug the Bluetooth adapter and switch back to regular headphones connected via 3.5mm, everything is working fine again.


I googled and found some older threads from 2018 that suggested to update drivers which I have done. No change. Did some restarting and re-plugging, didnt help either.


Re: Sound corruption when using a bluetooth headset

Happens to me also with a different device.  In addition to this, sometimes G2M does not transmit sound even though my device is selected. The sound works with all other apps.

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