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New Contributor

Re: Switch back to the old GoToMeeting interface

Absolutely agree. I used the GoToMeeting Hub above to switch back to the old interface, but if I'm ever forced back into the "new" interface, I'll immediately start looking elsewhere.
New Contributor

Re: old G2M

the old interface was not great or intuitive but the new surprise interface is abysmal clearly designed by the C- team, not thought through, not conscious of user needs, inelegant, poorly executed, horribly designed in general. To compound the miserable effort, it was dumped on us without warning screwed up multiple important company meetings because it's so unintuitive. features, buttons, and choices are hidden away in too many places (menus, buttons, windows) without rhyme or reason. Windowing workflow is annoying. An effort of amateurs or incompetents. Was this a pilot project for a high school student class? I'm a longtime gotomeeting user I convinced my company to use the software years ago. I am now looking at competing products to switch.

Active Contributor

Re: old G2M

Your new interface on gotowebinar IS HORRIBLE!

There is a reason NO ONE wants to use it! IT'S HUGE AND GAWKY and not user friendly the images are TO BIG to pull a report that could once be seen in it's entirety on one page now requries ENDLESS SCROLLING!!
How does THIS HELP US!!! >????????????

Please allow us to go back to the old interface and NOT FORCE this on us.


I would rather change webinar providers than use this horrible interface....