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Tell us what equipment you use with GoToMeeting!


New customers often ask me which hardware they should purchase for use with GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar. Typically they want to know what is a good webcam for HDFaces and sometimes they are looking for a Microphone that will work best in a certain situation.

Rather than just share my limited experience, I would like to open up this question to the entire community. I would like to hear about how you use GoToMeeting and what equipment you have found works best.

- Do you hold meetings in large conference rooms, what microphones do you use?

- Ever presented a webinar while on stage in front of an audience, how did you manage it?

Share you best practises and tips in the comments below and see how others are approaching similar situations.

Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: I want to hear about your setup, what equipment do you use?

I would like to know too.
New Contributor

Re: I want to hear about your setup, what equipment do you use?

Eurorack UBB1002 mixer, Audio technica PRO8HE mics, Sennheiser HD 202 Heaphones, Dynametric TMP646S phone patch, DM enterprises Mic Pro 2 cough boxes, Zoom H1 audio recorder (to bypass the treble distortion in the GoTo recorded audio), open broadcaster software (to screengrab webcams) Numerous cables to feed 3 (semi) separate signal paths (Phone, VoIP, recording) 2 computers one with a 24 inch monitor to handle the many windows needed, windows media player for music playlist, Mamycam virtual webcam for great video streaming,  30 item NASA style checklist, Sharpy and pad of paper to relay notes to speakers while speaking,  Sony Vegas Pro or Movie Studio to edit post webinar, Google Presentations for collaborative slide creation, backup personnel for every job.  Now you know! Smiley Happy
New Contributor

Re: I want to hear about your setup, what equipment do you use?

Hello Mel,
it's been a long time since you posted this but I would like to ask how you were able to use OBS in GoToMeeting (or any other GoTo products).

I have tried to do this but the GoTo interface won't take my webcams because they are 'taken' by OBS.

Would you mind explaining how you get it to work? Thanks a lot!