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There is no 'Computer audio options' in GoToMeeting window!

I went to do the system check through this link. It says that 'You have successfully joined a test session...." but I don't see 'Computer audio options' anywhere in the window. As a result I am unable to test my mic and speakers. I have a screenshot of my GoToMeeting window here. (


You will see that my window does not show any 'computer audio options' on the left side where it should be. I am using Windows 10 with all updates and drivers up to date. I have used both Chrome and Firefox to open the links to the test session and the actual meeting session with the same result. My built-in mic and speakers and two separate headphones with mic work fine with other programs in windows 10.


Any solution to this problem?


Edit: It looks like a few other members also having the same problem in other posts that I have gone through but I haven't found a solution yet. 

LogMeIn Manager

Re: There is no 'Computer audio options' in GoToMeeting window!

Hi @DPC1,


On your Windows PC, what is the default audio output set to? You can right click on the speaker icon in your system tray and select Playback Devices to check. 

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Re: There is no 'Computer audio options' in GoToMeeting window!

Looks like changing the default in my recording devices did the trick. Thank you.


The only device listed in playback is Speakers/Headphones (Realtek High Definition Audio - default device). My recodrding devices were Microphone and Stero Mix (both Realtek High Definition Audio). I changed the default to Stero Mix and now I get the option in GoToMeeting.


Thank you again.

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Re: There is no 'Computer audio options' in GoToMeeting window!

I also had this issue. In my case the "Stereo Mix (Realtek)" device was disabled on my laptop.  Just re-enabling it solved the problem.  I did not need to set it as default or select it as the preferred device in GtM settings - in fact if I try to use this device with GtM the MIC test doesn't work at all.


Seems more like a bug with the GtM app enumerating the devices rather than a Windows issue specifically.