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Using G2M for remote support in a locked down environment



I do IT work for a small business that needs to have a locked-down environment.  That means that running software from user directories is blocked.  Software must be installed by an administrator under the Program Files or Program Files (x86) directories to be able to run.  We do this to prevent virus infections, and it has worked flawlessly for several years now.


We sometimes have vendors who want to do remote support using GoToMeeting.  They want our users to download a file and run it (GoToOpener).  I have downloaded the MSI for GoToMeeting, and in the past, I was able to download an MSI for GoToOpener (can't seem to find it now).


Do I still need the GoToOpener MSI, and if so, where do I get it?  Also, does anyone have experience with vendors doing remote support in the scenario where IT installs GTM first?


Thank you!


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Re: Using G2M for remote support in a locked down environment

Hi @chrisflint 


If you have already installed the GoTo Opener app you shouldn't usually won't need to install it again as it updates itself. If you need it you can download it from this support article. The GoTo Opener runs when you click  on GoToMeeitng link, it checks if you have the software installed already and downloads GoToMeeting if needed before connecting you to the meeting. Although GoToMeeting is not designed as a support tool some use it this way as the main application does not need admin rights to run and if they only need to see the screen and guide the user they can do that.



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