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Re: Not receiving GoToMeeting Seat invite via email

Thanks Glenn, was able to get in and change the password. Thank you
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New users not receiving welcome email



Having the same issues as described in this discussion:


Adding new users from the admin center, no failure report coming through, and yet the users' mailboxes don't receive the welcome/set password email. Emails haven't been sent to spam or blocked by Mimecast. Mailboxes are receiving other emails without issue. 

Please advise, thanks! 

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Re: New users not receiving welcome email

Hi Rob,

Sorry for the troubles.


I don't currently see anyone at your company sending these emails back to us as rejected, so it's likely that there is some kind of email filter in place by your provider.


Once you invite new users, they can also receive Forgot Password emails from the login page.  I suggest trying this as a test with one of your affected users, and see if they receive the email, or notice it arrive into their Spam folder.

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trouble with a new GTM license

I just added a user license to GoToMeeting. I sent the invite to the email address associated with the user, but they never get the invite. We have checked with our email administrator, and he says the email isn't even coming to our email server, so it's not being blocked or going to a spam folder.  Any ideas for what I can check?

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Re: trouble with a new GTM license

@janni71  Sorry for any confusion there.


When New User GoTo invitations are not received there is often a local spam filter engaged or some spam block on the entire company / email provider.  In cases where only the welcome email is being blocked, users may also send a Forgot Password email from the LMI authentication side:


** If forgot password emails have already been attempted, then you may click on my Community name here in order to privately message me the affected email address'.  If there have been too many email returns to our LMI servers, then there may be a temporary block on the address (stop sending emails) that we can remove.


*** If the LMI emails are still being returned after a bounce block has been lifted, then the stoppage will return again I'm afraid.  This means it is very important that you check with the affected user base / email provider (or IT department) afterwards to avoid cyclical blocks being created.


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Re: trouble with a new GTM license

I have create  a new user call for this I havnt got the welcome email. 

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Re: trouble with a new GTM license

@e-meetings  I looked up the referenced email address, and it appears to be deleted by an administrator on the account.  This doesn't necessarily mean you made the deletion, but some admin in recent past did.  Please click on my Community name in order to confirm your administrator email spelling in private.