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New Contributor

suggestion of improvment



1- be able to exchange files 

2- be able to change in realtime the graphics resolution and colors: have black and white graphics in 8bits would be great for fast response in low bandwidth for example

3- better integration of the gotomeeting bar cf -> this should be hanging on top of the screen or at the bottom or left / right in auto hide mode (when we go to the top / bottom / left / right and the mouse pointer remains there then the bar shows)

-in the same bar, remove / hide useless info as the remote session has started: if after 1 min, we don't use the phone audio then why displaying the phone numbers for the whole session? Why displaying a Webcam tab and icon if no webcam is connected?

-better ergonomy: be able to reask control explicitly, have less click to get to the function we need

-copy paste: be able to copy from the remote session to the local machine and vice versa

-all the options be configurable by GPO for security reason

-be able to disable restrictions live for a few minutes or the full session by calling a management phone number and enter a code given by management

-be able to label the meeting straight from the beginning to have records with a meaningful label to better manage them

-have the record in optimized for fast scanning / fast forward video format: in support we need to go often to specific time in a video