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why webcam sharing has a poor resolution

We are users from Bulgaria, Sofia of paid GoToMeeting service. In advertising our service should support HD quality, but our video is 320 / 180p, and the bit rate is only 132 kbps. We have done a test with smartphone, which makes great video, connected to a 4G netword. The end result is again 180p. Is this a matter of some additional tuning and why it happens at all? 


Attached  link to the record:



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Re: why webcam sharing has a poor resolution

Hello, and welcome to the LMI Community!

In my experience, there may also be some network latency involved.  It may be useful to run a trace route from your PC with the webcam through your local network to '', in order to look for gaps or packet loss.

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Re: why webcam sharing has a poor resolution

Hello! We have tested our network with command you have recommended




Can you please explain to us what is the meaning of results?

If settings from our account is needed you can do it we will provide you access to our account.

We are loyal clients of your service and we insist to recieve quality of video for which we pay.


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Re: why webcam sharing has a poor resolution

Thanks for that trace route visual. 


It appears that you have some packet loss or latency when leaving your local network. This is indicated by the star symbols shown on stop number 2.


Later on, there are some higher numbers there that could also be trouble when you're trying to stream video at a high rate.  Typically we would look for latency problems when those times reach over 300 ms. In this case it may be helpful to consult your network operator or internet service provider.