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New Contributor

Larger Camera View Tablets & Smartphones

When using GOTOMEETING on a mobile device with video turned on, one will see a small window pane of the image their camera is broadcasting to others in the meeting.  When using the mobile device the image is so small one can't see what they are broadcasting to the rest of the meeting.  How does one make this image larger or full screen?

SCENARIO: Giving a virtual tour of complex robotics machinery.  Using a mobile device to broadcast the tour of the machine (can't stick a laptop in the machine with a forward facing camera). I am not able to see clearly what I am pointing my camera at when the image is about 1 square inch.   

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Larger Camera View Tablets & Smartphones

@Goober123 Thanks for sharing your GoToMeeting mobile use case!


I'm sorry the webcam view options are currently limited on some mobile apps.  Have you tried rotating the device to change the viewpoint slightly?