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New Contributor

Blurry Screen

I just got a new laptop, and now when I remote into my desktop, the resolution is noticably blurry, and the second screen doesn't project all the way to the top of the monitor on the display - there is about an eighth of an inch at the top of the monitor showing my laptop's desktop, even when I am in full screen mode.


I have verified that the screen resolutions are the same on all screens, have logged out and logged back in after toggling those selections, and have the show host screen setting on scale-to-fit.  I have also toggled this option and restarted with no success. 


Please help!

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Blurry Screen

@lhemstalkatiae  Sorry, could you specify a few details please?

  1. What operating systems are in use on both ends?
  2. What are the display settings on both PCs?
  3. How are the secondary monitors connected physically?
  4. Is there any delay in the operation of the Host computer while you are connected remotely?