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Frozen remote screen when monitors at host location are powered off

I’m writing down this issue in case anyone else has or will have the same issue since I couldn’t find much on the GTMPC support site to help nor could any multiple  Support people figure this out.


On the support website of GTMPC , Official GoToMyPC Help - GoToMyPC Support (, under “Get Started” then “Computer Access” and then the question:


How can I ensure my host computer is accessible?


It says:

"Note: Since GoToMyPC does not require the display monitor on your host, you may want to turn it off before you leave to conserve energy. You can also set your monitor to automatically power down after a specified time."


I’ve had a habit since working in office to power off my monitors when I leave for the day. I remember years ago, when I had GoToMyPC on my home computer (I work from home), I would turn off/power off my monitors so the cat sitters couldn’t see what I was working on. There was never any problem.


I now have a new, advanced high-end graphics/video-oriented PC which have two high-end graphics monitors connected to the PC via DisplayPort. I’m still in the habit of turning off my monitors at the end of the day or when I leave the house.


When I bought GoToMyPC again to go on vacation at the end of June  to be able to continue to serve clients if necessary (I'm a freelancer), I tested and tested everything before I left, and everything worked great. I get to the vacation spot, try to connect and all I get is a frozen remote desktop screen where I can’t click on anything to open/close or do anything. I called Support and they were on the phone with me for an hour or so trying to figure out the problem—tried everything, including having me connect via 4G on my phone (I encountered the same problem).


Frustrated, I called Support back two days later and said I want my money back. The support person went through everything again to try to solve/fix the problem. Both support people said I needed to be at my host computer for them to further diagnose. Obviously I couldn’t since I was on vacation.


When I got back home, I was at my host computer and called Support. They connected easily to my computer and couldn’t find anything wrong with the host PC after checking everything. I was also able to connect via my phone on 4G.


Then I went to another location to test it out via a different wi-fi. Before I left, like I normally do since it's a  habit, I turned off my monitors. The same frozen remote screen happened via my laptop and phone. I called Support and they tried but couldn’t figure out why it was doing that and said I had to be at the host computer to diagnose.


So I left my laptop there, went home to the host computer. I powered on the monitors but did not wake up the monitors from their sleep. I called the person with my laptop and had them connect to my host PC. As they opened the GTMPC icon, I saw my monitors awake, then the connection was made and everything worked fine. I also tested via my phone and it was fine.


For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why powering OFF the monitors would make GTMPC not work, and powering them ON would. Especially since the support page says you can turn them off.


I tested with another person at another location, had him log into my host PC and the same thing—with the monitors powered ON, the connection was fine and everything worked. When I powered OFF my monitors, the remote screen would be frozen and nothing worked.


Now I know that to make GTMPC work, I cannot turn off/power off my monitors. There was nothing to warn me about this when I bought the software and again, I had done it before years ago and there was no problem. I sure wish I had known about this BEFORE going on vacation. Further searching on the internet shows that the DisplayPort connection from the monitors to the PC seem to be the issue as the PC recognizes them as plug and play and if they are not on, I guess there is no monitor or something, who knows, I'm not a tech person.


I’m just glad I work from home and not in an office where anyone could view what’s on my screen since I can’t turn off my monitors anymore. I doubt the screen blanking would work and at this point, I wouldn't dare even try.


So just FYI in case anyone else encounters an issue like this.  It might be helpful for GTMPC to update their "Getting Started" section and not tell people it's okay to turn off your monitor.

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Re: Frozen remote screen when monitors at host location are powered off

Hi @jocelynk ,

Thanks for this.  I will share your feedback with the development team. 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: Frozen remote screen when monitors at host location are powered off

I just wanted to provide an update: I've now trained myself NOT to turn off my two computer monitors connected to my graphics PC via DisplayPorts. I recently traveled to the same area I was in June when I had the initial problem. I brought my laptop and this time, I was able to connect immediately with no problem and do my work. Of course if anyone was at my home (no one was), they would have been able to watch everything I was doing via the monitors.


A previous day, I was working outside and had guests inside. They were able to see programs opening and closing and files being worked on.


Luckily I don't work in an office. I guess if someone did, they could either lock their office or tape cardboard over their screens when they leave and work remotely. It is a security / privacy issue. I see it still says in the help section that , "Since GoToMyPC does not require the display monitor on your host". This is not true, it will cause GTMPC not to work with monitors connected via DisplayPorts.


But I'm so glad everything works so I can go anywhere and connect to my PC. Just have to leave the monitors ON at all times....

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Re: Frozen remote screen when monitors at host location are powered off

Thank you. I would be interested in knowing what they say about this issue.