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Re: GoToMyPC Scam

@Eusrosis  Sorry if there was any confusion on this thread.   We don't discuss pricing or advertise other services on the Community.  I've tried to respond in this instance, but typically we will move these conversations out so that Product and Technical discussions may continue.


If you have any issues with your subscription or past bills, then you must contact Customer Support directly for assistance:


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Re: GoToMyPC Scam

I created this account solely to reply to this thread.  I found it because I was curious whether there was an obvious reason that a company would deliberately drive away business.  I didn't find any answer to that, but I did find others with similar stories.


I got my account in 2010, paying ten bucks a month. The price increased by two banknotes a month in 2015 and went up another two bucks in 2016. Last December, they increased the monthly price substantially, so I took their offer to pay a year in advance for two hundred thirty greens (over nineteen units per month). In five years the price had almost doubled.


Two weeks ago, on November 23, I got an email telling me that the annual price would go up to four-twenty. I thought they must have been smoking something (get it, 4/20?)! That was almost double again.


I use the service solely to access my home computer for personal reasons when I’m not home (95% of the time from the office, and five percent of the time when I’m on vacation, always for routine personal matters). I didn’t have to think too long to decide that I could live without the convenience of remote computer access at that price. So I called the number for the billings department and cancelled. Much to my surprise, the call center agent didn’t ask why, didn’t protest, and (most significantly) didn’t try to offer me a "discount".


Then a couple days later, it occurred to me that the remote access service might not be a proprietary technology owned by GoToMyPC. So yesterday, I did some research and found that not only are there dozens of alternatives, but also many offer the service for FREE!


I’ve spent over twelve hundred U.S. on this account. And I’m sure that if they had upped their price to, say, twenty-five smacks a month I probably would have lived with it. But this massive increase was the best thing that happened to me (well, not THE best thing, but you know what I mean). I found an article on PC Mag online called “The Best Remote Access Software of 2018” and picked the free personal use version of RemotePC (actually, I picked TeamViewer because they were listed on the Wikipedia remote access software comparison page, but their home page would not load for me in IE, Edge or Chrome, so I moved on).


You can rant and rave (or, if you prefer, “bitch and complain”) about the price increase being excessive, unreasonable or unfair. Personally, I simply voted with my wallet and unemotionally cancelled my access and signed up for free access from another provider.  I tried the service and it is more or less identical to GoToMyPC.


Thanks guys, your price increase is going to save me money every year!