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New Contributor

Not able to connect to host Computer

Hello.... new to the site and hoping to get some help 

We have serveral GoToMyPC accounts for our Managers and IT team to use. On 6/26/2020 one of the users said he can't connect to his PC from home. When I looked his PC was on but didn't see the MYPC icon (white and green) running in the taskbar. I rebooted and still it wasn't running. Service was running and I can STOP and START it and it would appear for 2-3 seconds and end. I then removed the software, rebooted and reinstalled. Still the same thing. I must have spent 4 hours on looking at things, uninstalling recent Updates and AV and still nothing. I even built a brand new PC and installed and configured there. I get to the point where is says REGISTER COMPUTER after creating the access code and the icon is there running for about 10 seconds. This happens on his current PC and a brand new PC. No one else in the company that uses this product is having issues so I know its not a network or firewall issue. I called support today and spoke to Tech name Eva and she couldnt fix it and said she would get back to me. Still haven't heard anything. 

Abhishek Yadav
GoTo Contributor

Re: Not able to connect to host Computer

May be you can share the host logs with Customer Support, so they can look into the issue for you?