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New Contributor

Printing starts fast, then gets slower

I have a client with LogMeIn.  She primarily uses it for QuickBooks, and needs the ability to print to her printer at home.

She was experiencing issues with printing where a single check would take 15-20 minutes to print, sometimes longer.

We have reinstalled printer drivers, reinstalled LogMeIn, restarted spooler service.

Recently she got a new router, a new computer, and a new printer.


Nothing resolves the issues long term. At best we are able to print normally for a few hours, and then things return to unacceptably slow. I called support and reviewed some of their best practices from the website and they didn't even know what I was referring to, specifically steps listed here:


Any thoughts beyond this? Our next step would be to move to another product, but would prefer to stick with what the client is familiar with.