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Kelly Benavidez
New Contributor

Reset password trouble

I have requested to reset my password and was given the link in the email to click. When I click I am taken to a screen that asks for my address and am told I will get an email with a link, and so on and so on.
GoTo Manager

Hi Kelly,

Every time you request to reset your account password, the previous link you were sent is made invalid. What can happen is:

1. You request to reset your password

2. You don't see the Email right away, so you request it again

3. The Email for the first request shows up but is now invalid because of your 2nd request, so it takes you back to the same screen

4. You request it again and end up in a loop, one Email behind the valid one because of a delay in it being delivered

The best thing to do is delete all the reset Email that you have been sent, wait a minute and request the link one more time, then wait for that last Email. To be extra safe you might also want to clear your web browsers History and Cache.
Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Kelly Benavidez
New Contributor

That's exactly what happened. Thank you so much!