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Solution needed

Hello working people,


I hope you’ve been doing well. I’m a content writer working for a UK-based company. Currently, our office is closed because of this stupid virus so me and all my colleagues are working from home until further notice. I dreamed of working from home while we were in the office, but now I must admit I crave human contact. I could never believe that I would say this, but I definitely miss chatting with my colleagues in person, not via instant messengers.


Now, back to why I’m here. Since I work from home, I use my personal computer for work. Unfortunately, my old laptop died, so I had to get a new one. Now as the tech guys needed to to instal some tools and programs necessary for my work, they used your GoToMyPc software. I know that the techie didn’t do anything bad, but I’m experiencing some issues. 


Namely, everything’s working fine except for my browser. Some pages load normally, others tend to lag, while some refuse to even open. Most specifically, the one I see most trouble with is my favourite one (don’t worry, I don’t gamble while I’m working). I checked my proxy, VPN, the settings of my browser, and everything else. There seems to be no problem with these.


What do you think could be the issue? Please help!

GoTo Moderator

Re: Solution needed

@robynd  There should be no changes to your Host PC once GoToMyPC is installed there.  However, we do have a tool you may try on that computer to check that you have the best possible connection: 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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