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Joseph Crisaful
New Contributor

large file transfer times are too long.

I need a faster file transfer for the business. the file I backup (out of office, separate location) is 1.5gb. Current transfer time is in the hours. Makes me very nervous.
Any options like FTP available? My only option is to bring external drive to office and transfer. My job is remote access and maintenance, not physical presence.
Gotomyps satisfies most of that except this large file issue.

Looking for ideas/options.

GoTo Manager

Hi Joseph,

Your entire GoToMyPC connection is encrypted and then routed via our servers. This isn't very noticeable with small to medium file transfers, but large ones live what you are attempting are not going to transfer as fast as a dedicated FTP. We also have to cap our file transfer rate so that it does not use so much bandwidth that it affects screen sharing for you and our other customers.

We do have another service specifically designed for file sharing and transfer which could be a place to start looking:
Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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