Co-organizers shouldn't be able to delete sessions

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Co-organizers shouldn't be able to delete sessions

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Co-organizers shouldn't be able to delete sessions

For some reason, Co-organizers are able to delete sessions.  I scheduled several sessions for a national audience and then published the registration links.  I included one of my colleagues as a co-organizer on the sessions.  Several weeks later, she deleted one of the sessions, not recalling that I made her a co-organizer and not understanding why she had multiple events in the same day.

A Co-organizer should not be able to delete any event.  This seems like an oversight to me.  This should be part of the hierarchy of permissions.  The co-organizer shouldn't be able to change the date/times of the session, nor should they be able to cancel.  The scheduling organizer should be the only one who can change or delete.

New Contributor
Hi Rick,

This functionality is by design. By adding a co-organizer, you are delegating the responsibility of the training to one or more people. I totally hear your use case and we will continue to improve this feature in future by adding role hierarchy.

Thanks for your feedback. I am back from my vacation and will respond to your other email as well 🙂

GoTo Manager
I've changed this to an Idea as it's actually a change of existing functionality.