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New Contributor

Breakout room causes disconnect

I and an associate were in a GoTo training session, both using latest chrome, and when we were transferred to breakout rooms there was an error and it disconnected us entirely.

We then quickly downloaded the app, rejoined the main room, where the presenter tried to again put us in breakout rooms and we were again disconnected with an error. 

Didn't screenshot the error but it wasn't descriptive, might have been "unknown error".

As far as I know it only happed to 4 out of 40 or so attendees that were moved to breakouts.

Both of us were using computer audio/mic.

GoTo Manager

Re: Breakout room causes disconnect

Hi @cpearson, welcome to the community.


Can you provide any more details about the 4 attendees that were affected? Were they using Windows or Mac OS? Do you know if they were all on the same network/LAN? 


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Breakout room causes disconnect

Two of us were on Windows 10 pro, on the same network. The other two on another network at another location, I have no idea what OS.

New Contributor

Re: Breakout room causes disconnect

Do breakout rooms use any ports or connections that the main room doesn't?

We're behind a firewall but main still connected fine.