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New Contributor

Breakouts not working properly

I have used GoTo Training twice over the last couple of days and the breakouts have been very



We used breakouts several times in each session we run and it can work fine one minute and then the next breakout we do the screen looks as if the delegates are all in break out rooms - their screen looks like they are in a breakout room but we everyones sound is still in the main group and everyone can hear each other. 


Is this a known fault that is being worked on? How can we stop this from happening?


Its having a really negative impact on our training sessions and as we rely on this technology working this is a big problem for us.



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Breakouts not working properly

Hi @AccessLearning

I apologize for the Training disruptions you've encountered recently. 

If you're able to reproduce this behavior, what happens when you toggle audio between telephone and VoIP?

Do you see the same behavior if you update your Chrome web browser?