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Co-Organizer can't launch polls and doesn't get launched into activity breakouts

We're new to the platform but are finding some oddities that we need help with.


A little background - We have 4 licenses. Our best practice is for the scheduling host to assign the other 3 hosts as co-organizers in case something unexpected happens and the scheduler cannot host the training. We also have 1 of the licensed co-organizers assist during the session since we are new to the platform and have really complex sessions with regulatory guidelines that have to be met. We have found 2 issues now that we are assigning the co-organizers ahead of time. 


1. The named Co-Organizer cannot launch the polls or tests. They see the poll/test pod but it's showing 0/0. HOWEVER, if we have someone come into the session and 'promote' them to co-organizer they can see the polls. So the bug is with the named co-organizers.


2. The co-organizers can't do anything during activity breakouts. We know that only the scheduling organizer can launch the activities and move from room to room. However, the named co-organizers in the session see absolutely nothing when the activity is launched. They are left in the main meeting room and can also not see the breakout sessions to assist. Again, if we 'promote' someone to co-organizer, they are launched into the breakout rooms like a participant. 


Is this a bug that needs to be reported or is known? Is this expected behavior?