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New Contributor

Customize GoToTraining Confirmation Emails

It would be very nice if I could edit the confirmation mail in go to training.  At the moment this is not possible. You can just edit the reminder and the wrap up mail.

It would be also very nice, if in this emails would be written the whole name of the person who has registred to a training. At the moment its only the first name written. Here in Switzerland is this not very common. So i wish that there would be written first- and last name.


Over all there is not a lot of free space to design the mails by myself.


Would be nice if you could implement this two features.


Thank you

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Customize GoToTraining Confirmation Emails

Hi Michele,

I think this would be a great addition to the GoToTraining communication customization options!



New Contributor

Re: Customize GoToTraining Confirmation Emails

Yes, definitely. This will make a completely different experience to be able to add our company branding. Including the welcome page, survey, etc.