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Re: Customizing Certificates:

Even if we cannot have customisable certificates, could someone please take a look at the wording on the current template? 

I had thought that the built-in certificate would be a really simple way of providing evidence that someone had attended the session, which is what many of my learners ask for.

However the template says 'This learner played a critical role in the success of the class and demonstrated they have mastered the basics of xxxxx'. This is a statement I simply cannot make for a routine update session delivered to a large group with no assessment, which is most of the training I do on-line.  In fact I find it hard to imagine how I could routinely issue every attendee at any session with a certificate including that text and still maintain my credibility.

Replacing that sentence with 'This learner attended xxxxx' would be a much more accurate reflection of what the certificate is confirming - and surely wouldn't take a developer long to do. How about it?


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Re: Customizing Certificates:


I have a new subscription, not done any training yet, just getting to grips with the system.

I have been looking for a way to see the certificates.  Is it still the case that we can't access them or edit any text in them?

This has been baffling me all week.  I have been struggling to believe that these are unediable and non-accessible.  Surely we can get to them before they get sent out?  how do I know what it says?  What if it is completely irrelevant text, as appears to be the case?

Thanks for any advice!

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Re: Customizing Certificates:

@dnJournals  You are correct in that Certificates cannot be 'viewed' or 'customized' in the way others would like on this thread.  We are planning to upgrade this feature in the future, and no ETA has been set yet.

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Re: Customizing Certificates:

That's what I feared.   OK, thank you. Good to know!

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Re: Customizing Certificates:

Agree wholeheartedly.