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Desktop vs Web version



Some of our users, while they do have the desktop version of GotoTraining installed, start with the web version by default when joining a meeting.   I am wondering why this is the case? 


They are able to switch to the desktop from the Web version, but I am trying to understand why they are launching web when they join a session.


Thanks in advance,



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Desktop vs Web version

Hi Dave,

Typically attendees will receive the web version in GoToTraining if their system isn't fully supported, or if there's an immediate block of the download due to lack of user permissions or a security plugin.

Active Contributor

Re: Desktop vs Web version

Hi Guys, just an additional thought... I understood that when Instant Join is enabled in settings by the organiser then GoToTraining automatically detects the optimal join method for each attendee. So I wonder (even though your attendee have already previously download the desktop app) that if they are using chrome, and instant join has been enabled, then when they join a session this might also be why they are automatically joined via the web. Just a hunch, Cheers, Nige