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Shawn Routh
New Contributor

External Camera

Has anyone had good success with an external camera?

I would love to go wireless but that's not a requirement. I really just want to have a better angle for meetings and conference room settings than the laptop can provide. 

If so please provide the make and model of the camera...

Priti Mendiratt
New Contributor

Re: External Camera

We can provide some suggestions.  What is the size of the room you are working with - maybe number of people that the room can support?

Depending on the room size and functionality you are looking to provide, you may have success with a Logitech C930e.  We have also seen some success with Polycom CX5100 and some PTZ cameras.  
Rick Harris1
Active Contributor

Re: External Camera

I use the Logitech C920 and it works quite nicely.  It's wired, but it allows me to get a much better angle than my laptop camera would provide. 
Will Crist
New Contributor

Re: External Camera

Logitech HD cameras all work very well.