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Feedback for NEW experience


 I have had a GTT license for about 2 years now and host a session or more every month.  I am quite often also a speaker/presenter while also watching the attendee list, chat box. launching polls etc. 

The desktop version of the control panel worked well for this, since i could move the control panel around both of my monitors and undock the panes and move them around my computer to fit in little spaces so i could still see the content i needed to, while also watching the chat box and being able to launch polls.  

The new experience is awesome! so many great features and things we have been waiting for.. however, there is no way to switch to desktop version from here . the only reason i want to is to have a separate control panel that i can move around like explained above.  can you make it so you can undock the chat box so i can move it around? there is no way for me to present from powerpoint, show the audience the slide, read from my notes and be able to use the control panel with only 2 monitors, i would need 3.  is there a way to undock the control panel or parts of it for us who present while manning all of the controls?   

the same is true for launching the polls...... the lunch poll screen pops up right in the way, and when i am presenting from that screen, it is a huge issue. 




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Re: Feedback for NEW experience

Thanks for the feedback, Rebekah!


We are still working on the final version of the GoTo desktop application, which will include additional features such as control pane management / customization.   I expect more of these features to be available in early 2022.


If you need to switch back to the previous experience you may still do so within the account settings at